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The different parts of our pocket knives are entirely made in France. Each knife follows the same process : first, the pieces are shaped in the area of Thiers. Then, these parts come directly in our workshop where we carry out the various necessary steps : assembly, shaping and sharpening. Thanks to all this quality work, we can offer you high quality pocket knives, 100% French and unique.

The handles of our knives are made with European woods only. This is our choice to use no imported exotic wood. Imported woods are very polluting for our planet.
We also know that the exploitation of certain species can accelerate their disappearance. It is therefore our duty to act accordingly to this ecological and equitable vision. We have set up a partnership with “Cæur de Forêt” to donate € 1- to each of our sales to promote the reforestation of new trees in the most endangered regions.

The Powell is a high quality pocket knife measuring 9,9 cm (3.9 ˝) in the closed position and 18,6 cm (7.32 ˝) in the open position. Its blades are made of z40cr13, a high-end stainless steel meeting European standards which guaranty a unique and durable cutting edge.
Like any unique and handmade product, the dimensions are likely to vary from knife to knife.

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The Olive Tree knife has a olive tree wooden handle that gives it shine and elegance. A great gift idea !

The knife heather is made with wood species from heather. It’s a premium pocket knife with character !