stainless steel mox27co (60-61 HRC)

Trigger ball for more safety in the closed position

Cotton carrying case included in the box

Powell France

French pocket knives guarantee for life*!

Our pocket knives are 100% French products and handmade, respecting traditions. We are today very proud of this expertise that you will find in each of our creations. Each knife is a unique work whose charm lies both in its authenticity and in the passion that we put in its design.

100% French handraft

Selected European woods only

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Ethical, Local, Eco-responsible

A pocket knife
made in France

At Powell, we guarantee 100% French craft manufacturing with knives made partly in Thiers and in our Hautes-Alpes workshop. We are committed to offering you local products, with only European wood, anchored in an eco-responsible and environmental approach that everyone can easily adopt.

And to go even further, we guarantee our knives for life!

60% of manufacturing
is carried out in Thiers

1€ is donated to “Coeur de Forêt”
for each knife purchased
to work for reforestation

Quality materials
ISO 14001 standard

Neat finishes
carried out
in our workshop

Our range of French pocket knives

Unique knives

The different parts of our knives are made in the the aera of Thiers, a city renowed for the quality of their blades. The parts are then sent to our workshop located in Gap in the High-Alps (Hautes-Alpes), to be assembled, shaped and sharpened.

Thibault LAURENT | Owner and Founder


Created in 2019, the Galan cutlery was initially a small workshop for the traditional manufacture of art knives. A year later, we decided to broaden our horizons and we created Powell, becoming the Galan-Powell cutlery whose goal is now to offer a range of French and semi-industrial pocket knives.

Our collaborations

Our quality work is also found in the choice of our partners


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