French artisanal
and high-end cutlery

Thibault LAURENT | Founder

Créée en 2019, la coutellerie Galan était d’abord un petit atelier de fabrication traditionnelle de couteau d’art. Un an plus tard, nous avons décidé d’élargir nos horizons et nous avons créé Powell, devenant ainsi la coutellerie Galan-Powell dont le but est aujourd’hui de proposer une gamme de couteaux de poche français et semi-industriels.

Luxury pocket knives

At the beginning, the artisanal and high-end French cutlery Galan was only a small workshop. But very quickly, we wanted more. That’s when the Powell company was born, transforming the initial cutlery into Galan-Powell cutlery. Thanks to our know-how, we have been able to create a whole range of high-quality French pocket knives.

But the story does not end here. We make it a point of honor that this quality of handmade continues and above all, we claim pocket knives unique in their kind. We don’t have two identical knives and we find it wonderful. Each pocket knife that comes out of our workshop carries with it the tradition of handcrafting, the quality of the craft and the high-end of our materials.

The Powell is a luxury pocket knife shaped with noble materials, both the European wooden handle and the stainless steel blade.

Our cutlery takes also a part in an ecological and fair vision. Indeed, we have set up a partnership with « Cæur de Forêt ». Thus, we agree to donate € 1- for each knife sold, in favor of reforestation. This cause is very important to us because we believe that everything counts, no matter how small !

Our wood species

The woods we use for our handles come from only European forests in order to limit the import of exotic woods whose environmental impact is too often underestimated as it generates pollution and destruction of endangered species.

60% of manufacturing
carried out in Thiers

1€ is donated to “Coeur de Forêt”
for each knife purchased
to work for reforestation

Quality materials
ISO 14001 standard

Neat finishes
carried out
in our workshop

Our collaborations

Our quality work is also found in the choice of our partners