New ! As part of our continuous product improvement process, we have added washers to our products, for a better longevity and extra comfort of use.

Walnut burl


100% French manufacturing

Warning. This knife is not suitable with a dishwasher use.

As our knives are shaped by hand, the dimensions may vary from one knife to another.

Each knife is sold with a certificate of authenticity proving the quality of our materials. You will receive your knife in a neat package which protects it from impact and which also allows you to store it daily to avoid damage it. It will be shipped in a packaging made from partially recycled materials (70%). Our knives are guaranteed for life, subject to the maintenance rules recommended by Powell.

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Technical features :
The different parts of our knives are made in Thiers then they are transported to our workshops where we carry out assembly, shaping and sharpening by hand.

Knife closure type : Liner lock
Dimensions : 10 cm (3.94’’) in the closed position and 18.6 cm (7.32’’) in the open position
Weight of knife only : 65 g (2.30 oz)
Weight of the knife with its storage box : 130 g (4.59 oz)

Handle :
Made with the essence of Burl Walnut: The burl is the part of the tree formed by the union of two branches or two roots. For the Walnut species, it is characterized by its dark and contrasting grain.
Dimensions: 15 mm x 100 mm x 4 mm (5.9" x 39.37" x 1,57")

Blade :
High-end stainless steel blade (z40cr13)
Complies with European standards
Dimensions : 18 mm x 86 mm x 2.5 mm (7.09’’ x 33.86’’ x 0.98’’)
Z20c13 stainless steel plate

Usage tips :
Please note that Powell pocket knives are not dishwasher safe. Also take care not to forget it in your pockets as it does not go into the washing machine either. This could damage the wood of the handle. To keep the blade of your knife sharp, don't forget to sharpen it regularly. Once your knife is used, all you need to do is moisten a cloth and gently clean the blade. Once the latter is completely dry, close your knife. If the handle gets wet, wipe it off quickly. Do not hesitate to use the storage box delivered with your knife to put it away after use. This case provides optimal protection.